What is pre workout?

As the name suggests, the pre-workout serves to gain energy before a sporting session. These supplements are mainly designed to provide maximum energy, but very often they also improve focus and motivation.

Its composition varies depending on the brand and the type of products used (liquid or solid). However, some ingredients remain common, such as caffeine, beta-alanine, arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG), L-tyrosine, citrulline malate.

In this example, I’ll take BULKPOWDERS’ ELEVATE add-on as a reference. It is important to check the instructions for use for each dietary supplement, which can vary greatly depending on the brand.

when to take

Take it 30-45 minutes before your workout, ideally on an empty stomach (be careful, if you’re not used to caffeine, try to eat something beforehand). Do not consume more than 2 scoops in 24 hours and use caution when taking ELEVATE™ with other caffeinated products as it contains 250mg per serving.

What to look for in a good pre-workout?

First, look for ingredients that are scientifically proven to work, then see how your body responds to them.

For the booster to be effective, certain ingredients must be present in the composition of your pre-workout to maximize benefits:

  • Beta alanine: It is a popular supplement for increasing resistance to fatigue.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine increases concentration and reduces the feeling of exertion.
  • tyrosine: Tyrosine is a precursor to adrenaline and helps improve focus and mood.
  • AAKG: Arginine stimulates blood circulation and thus increases the supply of nutrients to the muscles.
  • Maltodextrin or dextrose type glucose : ensures a rapid supply of glycogen to the muscles (muscle energy for short but intense exertion).

What mistakes should you avoid?

  • The right time: You don’t have to do your pre-workout when you arrive at the gym. The assimilation and the effect of the product will take place at least 30 minutes later.
  • Avoid consuming it with every workout: In fact, the body adapts, making the effects less noticeable.
  • The booster does not have to be overdosed: In fact, overdosing can produce the opposite effect and leave you feeling beyond uncomfortable.

Finally, consider favoring a pre-workout with a minimal or non-existent amount of sugar.

In summary, I think the pre-workout is more suitable for intermediate and experienced bodybuilding practitioners. It’s important for beginners to do some initial general strengthening work to prepare the body to press heavier loads and thus increase training volume. At this point, the booster can occasionally become interesting to continue muscle progression.



Passionate about bodybuilding and practicing bodybuilding for more than 10 years, I played many sports from a young age (karate, soccer, tennis, swimming, mountain biking), but the sport that drives me today and has significantly changed my life is bodybuilding, bodybuilding . So I decided to turn my passion into a profession and pass my BP JEPS AGFF. Over the years I have been able to acquire a solid foundation in terms of intensive set and nutritional work.

My favorite quote is “You have a dream, you have to protect it. Those who can’t will tell you they can’t. If you want something, fight, period» (Will Smith – The Pursuit of Happiness). you resonates with me like proof. This sport requires strength of character to advance and develop.

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