1) Appointments

EventsIf you want to gain weight effectively good foods to gain weight then dates are ideal for you. Widespread in Eastern cultures, dates are high-calorie fruits that should be avoided in excess. They are high in sugar (of course, but it’s still sugar) and are often recommended for athletes because they provide a lot of energy. They contain a high concentration of carbohydrates for little lipids. Among the trace elements contained in dates, iron, copper and zinc predominate. The big advantage for bodybuilders who want to gain weight is that dates contain a large amount of amino acids. An important point if you want to gain weight by building muscle. Finally, vitamins are legion in dates (A1, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E and K). Their consumption is simple, they are mostly eaten pure. However, you can add them to your breakfast oatmeal for a larger calorie surplus.

100 g of dates have a value of 280 kcal.

2) coconut

coconutThe coconut, which is considered a simple exotic fruit, is actually one Superfood for weight gain. Of course, care must be taken not to consume too much (like everything else). It is a very good source of fiber that will help you gain weight while facilitating transit. Its lauric acid promotes the presence of good cholesterol in your body for better cardiovascular health. You can eat the coconut fiber on its own or add it to your high-protein pancakes for an optimal gainer effect. Also, coconut contains iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, as well as vitamins B3, B5, and B6, which help in the production of good proteins.

100 g of coconut correspond to 354 kcal.

3) grain

GrainGrains will certainly be your number one carb intake for gaining weight. This foods for weight gain are a huge source of calories that should not be overlooked. Choose whole grains, which are healthier and higher in calories. When it comes to whole grains, you are spoiled for choice: corn, wheat, rice, oats or even quinoa. All have interesting nutritional contributions and all are excellent for aiding in digestion. There will be no shortage of minerals, amino acids and vitamins to keep your body healthy while you gain weight. You can make them savory or sweet. Also, we advise you to combine them with other foods to gain weight that we have listed in this article. Finally, it’s important to note her interest in people who are into bodybuilding. Whole grain products effectively distribute their energy intake over the length and not over the ends. Otherwise, they’re high in protein, which, as you know, helps build muscle (and therefore weigh more).

100 g of brown rice corresponds to 169 kcal.

4) Lawyer

LawyerContrary to what one might think, the avocado is a fruit. It is also eaten as a dessert in South America. This ingredient forms a Choice of weight gain food in your arsenal. Despite being a fruit, it’s a great food for gaining weight. The avocado is a source of high-quality lipids that you can add to your diet. It is very good for cardiovascular health as it is high in omega 3. In addition, avocado is a great source of vitamins such as vitamin B9 and mainly vitamin E. In addition, we can find vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 in smaller amounts.

For your high-calorie diet, you can add avocado to a toast of whole wheat bread with salmon. It will be a great combo for healthy weight gain.

100 g avocado provide 169 kcal.

5) Olive Oil

olive oilOil has a bad reputation, and yet it can be good for your health and makes you fat. This is especially true of olive oil, which is a significant calorie intake since it’s all about lipids. However, olive oil is also a significant source of omega-3 fatty acids. It helps maintain optimal cardiovascular health. It is necessary to give preference to olive or nut oils, rich in vitamins and good fats. Also, avoid consuming oils that are high in omega 6 (linoleic acid), such as sunflower oil.

10 g of olive oil contain 90 kcal.

6) Nuts

nutsIn our list of best foods to gain weight, we added the nuts. They are also called oilseeds and contain a significant amount of (good) lipids, i.e. fat. Nuts are a perfect source of plant-based protein. Its nutritional profile is appealing as it is rich in vitamins, essential minerals and fiber. Choose the best nuts for cultivation, such as almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts or cashew nuts. Almonds are still the best. You can eat them plain, in your cereal, in your salads, mixed in your whey shaker, or even in your high-calorie pancakes.

It’s good for your health and it’s greasy. So be careful not to abuse it either.

100 g of almonds contain 634 kcal.

7) Dried fruits

Dried fruitWe often forget them, but dried fruit has great nutritional benefits, whether you’re trying to gain pounds or not. As the name suggests, dried fruits are dried fruits. They are then smaller and more concentrated. The downside is their low vitamin C content, which is lost during the dehydration process. However, these foods for weight gain contain vitamins, potassium, calcium, antioxidants and fiber. In short, a small nutritional bomb ideal for gaining weight.

Choose apricots, bananas or plums. Some will be higher in calories than others. Add them to your bowl of oatmeal in the morning, eat them as a snack, or add them to your salad and other savory recipes. It is not always necessary to buy your dried fruit at the market, you can also prepare them at home by putting them in the oven at a low temperature (50-60 degrees) for 4 hours.

100 g of dried apricots correspond to 241 kcal.

8) Chocolate

chocolateAdvice to all gourmets who want to gain weight quickly, chocolate is one of them Choice of weight gain food which we are sure will inspire everyone.

Attention: it takes time dark chocolate and no white or milk chocolate, which contains bad sugars that make you fat but are bad for your health.

Choose a dark chocolate with a minimum concentration of 70% cacao to get the most of its benefits. Studies have proven its health benefits like memory boost, natural antidepressant, antioxidant power, blood pressure lowering effects and it will even improve your athletic performance. To sum up, this weight loss food not only makes you fat but is also good for your body.

how to eat it Pure, added to your pancakes, with a banana or in many other recipes prepared with your healthy purchase!

100 g dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is worth 572 kcal.

9) cheese

CheeseCheese is deeply rooted in our French culture. There are all kinds and they are all quite high in calories. Cheese is a quality food for weight gain if we choose well. You should know that cream cheese contains more water and therefore has fewer calories. While hard cheese tends to make you fat. You need to check the fat percentage. Cheese is a good source of vitamin A, calcium, zinc and phosphorus. Additionally, unpasteurized cheeses contain probiotics that continue to intrigue researchers for their health benefits. Some cheeses are higher in protein than others and are perfect for bodybuilders looking to gain mass. We recommend eating it at the end of a meal or in conjunction with your savory recipes.

100 g Parmesan has 431 kcal.

10) Meat / Poultry / Oily Fish

meat poultry oily fishFinally, we come to animal proteins interesting foods to gain weight. Red meat (beef), chicken or oily fish, the choices are numerous and it is also important to vary them to take advantage of their multiple benefits.

  • Red meat contains healthy fats as well as a significant number of vitamins and minerals if you choose a quality product. It should not be abused and only eat 500g per week to stay healthy;
  • do you eat chicken So don’t just take white. Also, eat the oiliest parts (without abusing them), like the skin;
  • For fish, choose oily fish. The idea, from a purely health point of view, is to eat it twice a week, alternating fatty fish with white fish. If you want to gain weight faster, eat oily fish more often, but be sure to vary sources. Once you reach your ideal weight, return to a normal pace and take turns. Too much oily fish is not always healthy.

For bulking, these fattening foods are perfect when it comes to building muscle. As a reminder, depending on volume, muscle weighs more than fat.

100 g of red meat: between 150 and 200 kcal 100 g chicken breast: 172 kcal 100 g chicken wings: 266 kcal 100 g salmon: 184 kcal

There are various other foods to gain weight. The most important thing is to vary them, choosing unprocessed and quality foods. It is also important that you eat a lot of food so as not to endanger your health. Choose foods with high energy density.

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