A Harvard Medical School professor and exercise physiologist says that long-distance running is not good for the body. It’s too hard on the joints and digestive system. Instead, he recommends five different types of workouts that can improve weight loss, build muscle, and strengthen bones. Here, he shares which exercises are best for weight loss. Using the right equipment is essential to your success. Expert trainers also share the best ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Regardless of your level of fitness, you need to do some type of exercise to become fit. While walking is good for your health, it doesn’t produce the same results as full-on exercise. For beginners, it’s best to take classes or use apps to help them master proper form. Performing exercises in front of a mirror helps you learn proper form. When it comes to repetitions, the researchers recommend hitting muscle fatigue after ten to fifteen repetitions. Although it is a good idea to gradually build up to three sets, you may find that a single set is sufficient.

Beginners should try to perform as many exercise variations as possible to get the best results.


While it’s good to do one type of workout every day, it’s best to incorporate different types. By incorporating all four types of exercise into your routine, you can increase your overall fitness. And remember to vary your exercises, as varied as possible, reduces the risk of boredom and injury. And remember, the NIA’s YouTube channel is filled with helpful videos on exercise techniques.

Adding variations to an exercise can lead to greater fitness gains.

By changing the muscles recruited, exercise variations can enhance your progress. And combining different exercises, such as planks with one leg raised, will help you burn more calories. Then, you can incorporate them into your daily routine to stay motivated. You may even start with a single set and build up from there. It’s up to you. The best way to choose the right type of exercises is to do one that fits your lifestyle and physical goals.

A single set of exercises is usually enough for beginners. However, more advanced people may benefit from doing a couple of sets. In addition, they can build up to three sets of each exercise. Aside from promoting functional movement, lunges also improve the strength of the legs and glutes. Lunges are performed by starting with feet shoulder-width apart and arms at sides. They end when the thigh is parallel to the floor.

A beginner should start by learning proper technique to avoid injury. There are free fitness classes at community facilities to help beginners with proper form. You can also use apps, video tutorials, or a mirror to learn proper techniques. Once you have mastered the correct form, you can progress to three sets of each exercise, but the initial set can be a good starting point. A single set of lunge is a great way to learn the proper movement patterns.

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