Pulls and rows for the back, exercises poorly performed too often

When teens focus too much on the bench press without really getting any benefit from it, back exercises are also the subject of a catastrophic execution among the Body building beginners. Draw or row, the young practitioners gained too much weight by handling the load at high speed as if catching a train. Annoyed, they come to you and ask you how you managed to get one wide and massive back. However, the solution is simple and obvious to apply; You only have to pull the load with the back straps. In fact, beginners are more likely to perform Ties and Lines pulling the load with the biceps while creating momentum that completely negates the beneficial effects of the weights being lifted.

On the other hand, the back muscles pull the weight, while the biceps only serve to provide momentum to the movement or to hold the load to return to where the pull started. The backbone is pulled by the plates The shoulder blades join by contracting the back muscles, which beginners never do. In fact, back exercises are among the worst exercise forms for beginning strength training.

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Quickly develop your shoulders with military presses, barbell presses, and lateral raises

Let’s assume that a similar problem often occurs with shoulder exercisesyou lateral raises, the military press, and the bar or dumbbell press. Again, beginners swing loads (often too heavy for them) without really benefiting their deltoids. Again, delays and lost time are more often counted in years than in training months. Obviously this is the lifted load that stimulates muscle mass through unusual loads and not through lifting too heavy without stimulating the muscles.

This type of defect is all the more noticeable for the shoulders because the bundles of isolated deltoids are quite weak compared to other muscles. Whether it’s overhead presses or side (or front) raises, train your deltoids with a load that actually engages your shoulders and a maximum amplitude. Again, get help from a trainer to learn these exercises properly.

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The squat, the gold standard for developing your hamstrings

Squat exercise for legs

the squatting is and remains theBenchmark exercise for quadriceps development. Only the squats may be more effective, but it’s still a variation of the squat. Basically, the squat consists of lowering the body with an additional load on the trapezoids or shoulders (front squat). Here too, and like most Bodybuilding Exercises, the correct execution of the squat is more complex than it seems. start with take a pretty light load This allows you to descend to an almost full squat with a fluid and straight body lift.

For absolute beginners Start with no-weight squats to become familiar with a perfectly flowing movement of the body. Squatting with a heavy and improper load only increases the risk of back and spinal injuries. Here, too, let a qualified coach help you. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in the beginning, your trainer is there to help and correct you.

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Isolation exercises for biceps and triceps are never performed effectively

Exercises as easy as bicep curl at which the Pulley press triceps down are very poorly done even by beginners. The explanation is always the same, the athlete manages a load that is too heavy or too fast without putting any meaningful strain on the trained muscles. If you’re just starting out, ask a trainer to show you how to do these moves properly. The same observation can also be made for the calves or the abdominal muscles, for example.

In general, you can’t start body building and think that you can learn everything on your own. As I said, the strength exercises are performed with apparent simplicity, but they take time to be properly mastered. As with any sport, you’re not going to get quick, consistent results by simply doing anything. For the exercises mentioned and for the others in general, the support of a trainer is essential. Of course, if you master the exercises, you will make progress quickly and for a long time …

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