It is official. Mental health is more important than ever, so this #WorldHealthDay brings you some cutting-edge advice on how to take care of your body, but also your mind.

Take time for yourself!

Whether you love working out in the gym, being on the run, or reading a book to clear your head, make it your priority for at least two hours a week and you’ll see the difference.

stretch! Yes / Yes..

Guilty because you didn’t stretch after your workout? It’s time to change that! Daily stretching not only reduces muscle tension, but also increases blood flow, boosts energy levels, and helps keep your joints nice and healthy. So what are you waiting for?

Treat yourself

We all have our vices, be it food, clothing or the occasional vacation. Sometimes it’s best to treat yourself to something special to kick off those endorphin, so whip out the card! Not too much though…

hand back

Whether it’s raising money for charity or helping a friend in need, helping those who need it most will make you feel fulfilled. And who knows, maybe you’ll get some good karma back for that.

Try something new

Stepping out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable by definition. But how do you find a new passion or create new memories? We’re not saying you have to skydive, but try a dance class, a new language or a new sport.

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