A very popular variation of the squat because the leg press is less traumatic to the lumbar region while enabling important work for Build up your thighsit is a real palliative for the squat, the inclined press allows you to build your hamstrings in complete safety

There are many leg press in the market we will discuss the inclined press.

The muscles engaged by the incline leg press.

As you will see, the leg press is a Exercise to strengthen thighs in their entirety. In fact, depending on the inclination and placement of your feet, aim for all parts of the thighs.

  • Feet placed at the top of the top: They aim at themback of thighs (the hamstrings) and the buttocks.
  • Feet placed at the bottom of the bowl: you train the quadriceps
  • Feet apart in the middle of the board: They mainly target the adductors, a perfect exercise for that build inner thigh muscles.
  • Feet together in the middle of the board : You mainly solicit quadriceps muscles especially the vastus lateralis.

realization of the movement

Lean on the incline press backrest, feet on the platen according to your chosen distance, unlock the machine’s safety and bend your knees and bring your thighs to the side up to your chest. Then, on an exhale, push on your thighs to return to the starting position.

When descending, always maintain control of the load and do not lift your buttocks off the seat.

Variations of the leg press

As discussed above, variations of the leg press are performed by altering the position of your feet.

So depending on your position this is possible build inner thigh musclesfrom strengthens the outer thighsQuadriceps, Hamstrings.

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