It is the ideal exercise for Build up your back musclesand probably the best back exercise to increase that body part and gain mass. Bodyweight exercises, pull-ups are performed with a fixed bar suspended at a height. They also require some arm training as the exercise consists of lifting the whole body using the strength of the arms, shoulders and back muscles. Pull-ups are an excellent poly-articular exercise.

The muscles involved in pull-ups

Thanks to the pull-ups, you develop your trapezius muscle as well as the teres major, teres minor and latissimus dorsi, it’s a Back exercises with your own body weight Very full.

realization of the movement

You hang yourself from a high horizontal bar with your arms shoulder-width apart. It is advisable to cross your feet to perform this movement. All you then have to do is pull yourself up, align your chin to the level of the bar, and then lower yourself back down, never stopping tensing your muscles. If you let go too suddenly while descending, you risk injuring yourself.

Variations of pull-ups

To start the pull-up, you can use different variations, especially in the position of the hands. Instead of wide-grip pull-ups, supinate your hands and spread the bar shoulder-width apart, which puts more stress on your arms.

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