The idea of metabolism is very important in sports nutrition. It will help you understand how Optimize your sports nutrition to achieve good results.

anabolism and catabolism

When we talk about metabolism, we include two terms, namely theanabolism and the catabolism. In a way, anabolism corresponds to the phase that interests us and that we are looking for. During this construction period, allsmall» Molecules that we consume are synthesized into complex molecules. These complex molecules contribute to our growth, weight gain and overall cell development. Conversely, we speak of catabolism to define the process that breaks down complex molecules into small molecules that cannot bring us anything very interesting in sport. So this is a destructive phase. Of course, these processes are much more complex and you need to delve into our article on catabolism and metabolism to understand them better.

The difference between basal and active metabolic needs

First of all about everything to do with the sports nutrition We advise you not to always compare yourself to other people especially when it comes to sports nutrition. In fact, we are all different and we have one different metabolism. As a result, some people gain weight more easily and vice versa, some people lose weight very easily without having to go on a diet.

We then speak of basal metabolic rate and active metabolism.

the basal metabolic rate corresponds to our daily needs in peace. It’s sort of the minimum we need to keep our body functioning when we’re at rest.

the active metabolism because it meets our needs when we are active, as the name suggests. By this we mean that we take into account the necessary contributions to give you the energy to exercise, exercise, work, walk, cook…

It is possible to find formulas to calculate your basal metabolic rate and active metabolism. Be careful though, the results of these formulas are only estimates and do not represent very reliable data.

Slow or fast metabolism

In addition, your metabolism can be characterized by its speed. We then speak of slow metabolism and fast metabolism. It is also this distinction that causes you to lose or gain weight more or less quickly.

the people at slow metabolism are the people who can gain weight quickly especially if they’re not careful. It’s not uncommon for them to have digestive problems. The downside for people with slow metabolisms is that calorie restricted diets, cutting and all phases of weight loss are much more difficult. The upside, they’ll have a lot less trouble gaining mass.

If a person has one fast metabolismwill have her need more calories than the first group we just described to you. Why ? Quite simply because it naturally consumes more energy than others. It can also accelerate in stressed people. So you guessed it, they can cut without too much trouble. On the other hand, gaining mass will be a different matter and you will need to consume significant amounts of calories or even switch to gainers to gain weight.

The different morphotypes and their nutritional needs

In continuity with what we study in terms of metabolism and sports nutrition, we must Inventory of the morphotypes. Morphotypes are characteristic morphologies. Generally speaking, one of these three body types should fit your body shape.

Obviously these three morphotypes are just ideas to categorize your morphology and metabolism. You may well fall into two categories, such as ectomorph and mesomorph.

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