You are looking for a protein snack ? If you’re into bodybuilding or any other sport, you already know that protein is one of the essential macronutrients for good muscle health. These macronutrients offer nothing but benefits! You are happier and your muscles are in better shape. To consume more protein, add Protein snacks between meals to complete your macros more easily and reach your physical goals. Discover in this article 10 protein snacksboth healthy and delicious to eat as soon as you get a little hungry!

Why take protein snacks in sports and bodybuilding?

Strength training leads to the destruction of certain muscle fibers, destruction that must be compensated for by the intake of dietary protein in order for the muscle to rebuild and grow. In fact, it’s more accurate overcompensated » if the healing causes the formation of a larger number of cells than at the origin: This is the basic process of muscle gain.

Development, therefore, requires a synthetic process superior to that of natural degradation in order to maximize the recovery of a thin muscle mass. An athlete aiming to increase muscle mass needs to consume protein at all meals, including during snacks and in-between meals. Here is the protein snack. Taking proteins before training (about 1h30 before the session) guarantees the supply of amino acids and the production of hormones essential for muscle growth.

Protein Snack: 10 post or pre-workout snacks

1) Protein powder shaker

When thinking about a protein snackthe first thing that often comes to mind is the whey shaker. Athletes know that protein powders are both effective and energizing. They are usually mixed with water or milk and then placed in a special container for storage and consumption outside the home.

Protein powders are low in sugar and ideal for building muscle while minimizing fat gain. However, for an excess of carbohydrates, you can add oats or a banana or organic peanut butter to have more lipids. protein snack Ideally, you can get your macronutrients much more easily with a shaker than with traditional proteins like oilseeds, eggs, or chicken.

2) Skyr with fruits and nuts

This Icelandic yogurt is a protein snack Perfect: The skyr contains a lot of protein with 0% fat. Its protein content is 10%, 3 times higher than a classic yoghurt! It is obtained naturally through a special manufacturing process. It is also a very interesting food thanks to its content calcium and probiotics. Add granola, some red fruit, or a handful of nuts to make one taste high in protein and low in fat. The Skyr is available in individual portions, very practical to take with you on trips in a small cool bag.

3) Peanut butter with an apple or banana

Peanut butter, long unloved by athletes, is coming back to the fore protein snack : it is a key food for the muscle gain. In fact, it provides a lot of protein (23 g per 100 g) and good fatty acids. With just 2 tablespoons you get almost 7g of protein! Peanut butter promotes satiety and there is no risk of calorie overload if consumed in moderation. Be careful though: we always choose it no added salt or sugar and no oil. Only 100% peanuts! With an apple or a banana, it is convenient and easy to eat as a snack or on toast.

Peanut Butter Protein Snack

4) The protein smoothie

the smoothies is here protein snack fastest to do. A few fruits, some whey, a blender and you’re done. When it comes to flavors, you are spoiled for choice and can vary the pleasures:

  • banana, strawberry or raspberry and whey;
  • chocolate, banana and almond butter whey;
  • kiwi, mango or pineapple and whey;
  • vanilla whey, milk and frozen fruit;
  • Orange, banana and whey.

5) A handful of oilseeds

Walnuts, Cashews, Pistachios, Almonds: All of these oilseeds taken together or separately represent a Protein and healthy snack. For example, 100g of nuts provide 19g of protein and 25g of carbohydrates. Rich in fat, they are nevertheless useful fatty acids for body and mind health, Monounsaturated fats. Oilseeds also contain fiber to keep you fuller longer and help control your weight. Dried fruits and nuts are a source of vitamins, ideal for tone and health. A small handful as a snack and you have the energy you need for your strength training!

6) High protein pancakes

That Protein Pancakes Take advantage of two very interesting sources of protein: eggs and protein powder. In addition, the egg is the protein best assimilated by the body, since almost 100% is absorbed by the body. To make pancakes, get flour, eggs, milk, whey, and yeast (to make protein pancakes, just remove the yeast). Mix all the ingredients with a whisk and cook in a coated pan. pancake batter. The benefit of it protein snackis that you can prepare your pancakes in advance and store them in a freshness pouch to always have them with you balanced snack at hand!

7) dried meat

Are you a meat lover? This Protein snack idea should please you: It is the » jerky », the dried meat so popular in the USA and Canada. Beef, bison, turkey or chicken: you will find all varieties with different spices and flavors. In France you can find it in the stores of sports nutrition specialists or on websites. Bündner Fleisch or dried meat from the Alps are snacks in sealed packaging that are very practical to take away and eat up quickly.

Jerky Jerky protein snack

8) Scrambled Eggs with Hummus

Contrary to popular belief, eating eggs daily does not raise cholesterol levels. It is here best source of protein (animal or vegetable combined) with approx. 6.4 g protein and 75 calories. To reduce the fat content of the egg, you absolutely can alternate between whole egg and egg white only with, for example, an omelette made from 2 whole eggs + 2 egg whites. This includes hard-boiled eggs protein snacks put in a cool bag for the day and consume before exercising. Even if it is not the most exciting snack in terms of cooking and taste, it is still one of the healthiest!

9) Cheese toast with turkey

Turkey is on the menu of all athletes: low in calories and high in protein, one serving of this white meat provides around 22 g of protein with only around 120 calories. However, avoid vacuum-packed turkey breast, which is often too high in sodium and contains preservatives. the Chicken breast is also great for protein snack there it is too very lean meat. Sliced ​​up on a slice of wholemeal bread, some quark/cottage cheese and a few slices of tomato, that’s a filling and balanced snack.

10) Protein Granola Bars

Finally, our final suggestion for protein snack comes in the form of bars: a quick and effective solution for getting all the protein you need and making up for deficiencies in certain nutrients throughout the day. Choose a protein bars with a low sugar content and a protein amount of more than 15 g of protein. You can take it anywhere and even make it yourself to master the composition, taste and texture. To do this, mix the oatmeal, whey, honey and peanut butter into bars and place in the oven for about ten minutes. You will have enough for the whole week!

The protein snack: conclusion

Whether you’re often hungry between meals or need enough protein to maintain or build muscle, protein snack is the best choice.

Salty or sweet, it comes in different forms to please all taste buds. Protein keeps you full longer, provides your muscles with energy and optimizes your recovery. But athletes are particularly fond of it protein snacks There is something for everyone: if you have to choose between high carbohydrates or high protein, the choice tends largely to the second solution!

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