Barbell bench press, an unbeatable chest bodybuilding exercise

This exercise provides a foundation for pectorals. No doubt you’ve heard of it before.

Execution of the movement: Starting position, lying on your back on a horizontal flat bench, feet well on the floor for stability and balance. eyes under the bar. Position your hands more than shoulder-width apart. Unhook the bar and descend, controlling the load on your chest. Extend the bar and exhale at the end of the movement.

Muscles worked: The barbell bench press is one chest exercise which all asks for Breast such as the pectoralis major, the pectoralis minor, and the front of the shoulder and triceps.

Variants: You can achieve that Exercise for the chest muscles on a guided frame to secure yourself. This allows you to focus on the movement first, without any notion of balance and stability.

Precautions: Avoid practicing this chest exercise with too heavy loads at the start. Also, limit use if you have long forearms, as stretching of the large pectoral muscle is at its maximum.

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