They aim for that lose weight oreliminate fat to get a tighter body? Cardio is then a must, it is often said: many beginners choose to use the treadmill or rowing machine every day to lose weight. The problem is that it can get boring quickly and, more importantly, many of us don’t appreciate cardio. Fortunately, this isn’t the most effective solution for either win clay one more obligation: it is quite possible lose weight without cardio ! It’s not our job here to denigrate that cardio exercisesbut to explain to you why this is not the optimal solution for decreasewith the ideal sports alternatives for lose weight without cardio.

Cardiovascular training: what are we talking about?

Let’s start by defining what is meant by cardio. It is the diminutive of the term » Cardiovascular «. Cardio activity includes any long-lasting activity performed at moderate intensity. It involves an increase in heart rate and respiratory rate.

We do in general cardio training to improve endurance and burn calories. The most popular activities are running or cycling, but there are other options too: rowing machines, circuit training, trail running, racquet sports, dancing, etc. The problem with starting the sport is that you’re often afraid of making a fool of yourself, becoming red and sweaty after 5 minutes of exertion. Fortunately, although cardio is good for your health, you don’t have to and you can lose weight without cardio.

Lose weight without cardio?

Those who are resistant to cardio exercise will be delighted: yes, you can Lose weight without cardio. All you have to do is look for alternative physical activities and consider all the factors that affect your weight: diet, hydration, sleep, stress, level of sedentary lifestyle, etc. 70% of weight loss is through food , 20% allowed by sport and 10% by the rest. You can Lose weight without physical activity inasmuch as you are doing a food rebalancing with a light calorie deficit.

However, it is not recommended to give up all physical activity: playing sports is very important over time and allows you to do it stabilize your weight. In order to lose weight without cardiowe advise you to watch your muscle mass to avoid more calorie restriction. In fact, muscle mass facilitates body stabilization in that muscle consumes energy even at rest. you increase your basal metabolic rate and, of course, you’ll burn more calories.

What exercises to lose weight without cardio?

In order to lose weight without cardio and melt fat, no need to sweat for hours or run marathons. For lose extra pounds quicklywe recommend you to carry out polyarticular strengthening exercisesThis means movements that use several joints in your body and therefore several muscles.

Among these movements we find the bench press or the squat. In terms of training frequency, it is advisable to train at least 2 to 3 times a week with sessions of around 45 minutes. Exercising during pregnancy is entirely possible, provided you are well looked after and listen to your body.

Sweating doesn’t mean losing weight

Also, you should know that your body does not eliminate calories through sweat, but through breathing. Despite a fairly common (yet completely wrong) idea, Sweating doesn’t mean losing fat. Sweating is a cooling mechanism in the human body. So when you are physically active or stressed, a mechanism is triggered that cools the body and wicks sweat through the pores of the skin. When you sweat, you only lose water and minerals. That is also the reason why it is quite possible lose weight without cardio : Sweating and weight loss have nothing to do. Also, stay away from sweatshirts that sell you weight-loss promises: They play on the same misconception to trick you into buying their products.

The keys to losing weight without cardio

Most men, and especially women, jump on “miracle” diets lose excess pounds. However, these drastic diets have disastrous consequences for your health: fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, kidney problems, etc. Usually, the lost weight is recovered in the following months and people then suffer from a drop in self-esteem (particularly through disappointment and guilt).

However, it is difficult to avoid alone Nutrition and diet faux pas and many people fear going to the gym when they first start an activity. This is why lose weight without cardio depends not only on exercise and diet: you also need to work on your emotional and psychological relationship with food. In order to lose weight quickly and permanently, it sometimes takes a click over food to say goodbye to the guilt and constant frustration that cause stress and block the weight loss process. Above all, exercise should be fun, so it’s important to find a physical activity that you enjoy that isn’t cardio!

5 tricks to lose fat without doing cardio

Lose fat without doing cardio

1) A balanced diet

For lose weight without cardio, you need to start reviewing your diet. This is the most important part of weight loss. To lose weight you need to reduce your weight energy absorption (This is called a calorie deficit). You don’t have to do without, just eat better. Here are a few tips:

  • A great fiber intake : Consume fruit (in moderation as it is very sweet), vegetables as you like, legumes as a substitute for animal protein in a vegetarian or vegan diet and whole grains. Fiber fills you up and aids digestion.
  • lean proteins : These nutrients are based on vegetable proteins (seitan, soy, quinoa) or animal proteins (white meat and fish) and are essential for maintaining good muscle mass.
  • complex carbohydrates : You don’t have to eliminate carbohydrates from your meals. You risk cravings and snacking. Just give preference to complex carbohydrates like sourdough bread, brown rice, or sweet potatoes. These foods have a lower glycemic index than refined grains.

A balanced plate looks like this: 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% carbohydrates. For lose weight without cardio, we also advise you to cook and opt for homemade to avoid additives and added salt. Eat from a smaller plate, take the time to chew well, and occasionally indulge in a candy or piece of dark chocolate with your coffee: it won’t ruin your efforts! Little by little you will reclaim yours Feelings of hunger, satiety and pleasure.

2) Hydration

With physical activity and sport you increase your water losses. You must therefore drink plenty of water to ensure a good effect water balance daily and hydrate your body from the inside. An adult should drink between 2 and 2.5 liters of water per day, half of which comes directly from the water drunk and the other half from the food eaten (particularly fruits and vegetables). After the effort, it is important not to limit the water intake at the beginning Get well soon. However, the recovery of the body directly affects weight loss in the long term! For lose weight without cardio, you can also opt for natural drinks based on draining and/or lipolytic plants. Natural active ingredients such as citrus fruits, linden blossom or anise are known for their effects fat burning and draining effect on the organism.

3) Daily activity

Aside from your weekly workout, you also need to stay active. Sometimes it’s the little things that change everything! If you lead a sedentary life or you work behind a desk all day, it’s important to change your habits to be more active every day. For lose weight without cardioimplement these small changes to move more:

  • take the stairs instead of the elevator;
  • walk or bike to work instead;
  • get off the bus, subway or tram one stop early to walk to work;
  • At the end of the day, organize activities such as a walk with your dog, a tour of the neighborhood with your partner, games in the park with the kids, dancing to your favorite music, etc.;
  • Try integrative calisthenics, which consists of incorporating small, effortless calisthenics movements while you’re watching an episode of your favorite series (sucking in on each exhale to work your abs) or while you’re cooking (periodically tightening your glutes). ).

4) body building

Since sweating, running and cycling are not your forte, you need to find other physical activity to stay healthy and fit lose weight without cardio. As we have already mentioned, starting with strength training is particularly relevant, since gaining muscle mass allows you to increase your muscle mass basal metabolic rate and from burn calories at rest. Rest assured, strength training won’t make you look like a steroid-laden bodybuilder. Since you will be eliminating fat, you will get a refined and streamlined silhouette. By doing bodybuilding or sheathing on a regular basis, you build your muscle mass. The latter is energy and calorie hungry, which promotes weight loss and the regulation of your healthy weight.

5) Nutritional supplements

While supplements aren’t miracles, they can give you a real boost Lose weight without cardio. There are Dietary supplements for slimming that harness the natural power of plants and health-promoting foods: pineapple, garnicia cambogia, ascophyllum, raspberry ketones, etc. If you wish lose weight without cardio faster, opt for capsules with a 100% natural composition to take them in the form of a regimen, as included in our ranking of the best fat burners. There are also dietary supplements to support digestion and prevent bloating, e.g. B. with dandelion, artichoke or burdock.

Losing weight without cardio: conclusion

For lose weight without cardio, you need to find a sport that suits you in order to train regularly with joy and good humor. Sport is not a compulsion, but a pleasure. Ditch the run, swim, or bike and head to strength training, Pilates, or yoga. That Muscle strengthening exercises are particularly effective at increasing resting calorie expenditure (yes, you can even burn calories while watching TV!). Also select a nutritional balance adapted and strive for your healthy lifestyle. Proper hydration and restful nights are key decrease permanently !

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