If you are reading this article today, it is because you will surely want to get back into the sport.

Starting school is synonymous with good intentions. Here are some criteria you can use to select or change your room.

• Space accessibility

Location is very important. Be careful not to choose a space that is too far from your home. no more apologies For many, motivating yourself is hard enough. So if your gym is more than half an hour from your home, chances are you’ll give up. The location of the room is the most important element in the price, because the less time you waste on transportation, the better!

• Opening hours

Join a room whose timeslot suits you. Make sure the opening times are compatible with your availability. The opening at the weekend is an essential criterion. Opening on Saturday and Sunday is advantageous, especially if your weeks are busy! You don’t have to log into a room that closes at 8:00 p.m. if you finish work at 7:30 p.m. Be flexible in time to schedule your sessions whenever you want.

• Group lessons

When you’re starting out in the sport and need motivation, group classes are important. In many gyms, group classes are an addition to the bodybuilding platform and are charged additionally. Do we have to pay extra? Are they included? Experience.

• Quality material

The room should have free weights, machines (as well as a cardio area), and trainers to teach you how to use the machines. Of course you will need less weight and more sophisticated machines in the beginning, but as you progress you will want to try other machines. Remember to consider the amenities available in the room, regardless of your goal.

• Hygiene

A room with good hygiene (clean shower, toilets, even changing rooms) is an important choice. As in all common areas, hygiene is a factor that cannot be neglected. You go there to spend time there, sometimes to take a shower, so you need a minimum of comfort.

• The atmosphere

Make sure the music isn’t too loud, the staff is attentive and available. The atmosphere often varies depending on the activities offered, the teachers, but also the clientele. Prefer structures that combine sociability and diligence, and in which people look like you.

• Additional lines

Some rooms include personalized coaching, others at an additional cost. Most rooms offer a customized program during the first session, but what is the cost of the proposed follow-up?

• Conditions of employment

Before registering and signing, you must review the terms of employment and termination agreement. If, by some unfortunate coincidence, you were forced to quit the sport… You probably already have a lot of formalities to deal with, so make sure that bodybuilding isn’t just another and be sure to choose a room where payments and termination are made done easily.

• The price

important criterion to consider. It is your budget that will determine which gym you choose. The price can range from a subscription of less than €30 per month to more than €300 for top-of-the-line products. Compare the prices because a fluctuation of a few euros represents a significant sum accumulated over the year. There are special offers at certain times of the year and in certain rooms, remember to enquire. Similarly, some rooms add registration fees to the total price, remember to take this into account and don’t hesitate to negotiate the price.

• Presence

Nothing is worse than a crowded room at the times you want to go there. Peak times are often between 6pm and 9pm. So before you subscribe, make sure the space isn’t crowded during your workout times.

Finally, with all these criteria, you can choose your gym with peace of mind. Remember to visit the room before signing up and doing a trial session (often free). However, be careful not to commit yourself for too long, as you are not immune to the vagaries of everyday life: injury, job change, relocation, etc.

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