Yes, your body burns calories even at rest! When you sit behind your desk or watch TV, you continue to burn calories: that’s called die basal metabolic rate, the metabolism that ensures your vital functions (body temperature, organs, growth, physical and mental activity, etc.). but How many calories do you burn a day without doing anything? Even if the answer depends on each individual, in this article we give you all the important information how many calories do you burn at rest !

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before i know it How many calories do you burn a day without doing anything, you need to understand how calorie counting works. A calorie is a energy unit used in nutrition Calculate energy consumption your diet and calorie consumption any primarily physical, digestive, and intellectual activity. Our body is created from the balance between energy intake and energy output: if we swallow more calories and use fewer, we become fat. These excess calories (calorie excess) is then stored as fat or in muscle tissue. Conversely, you can lose weight if you burn more calories than you burn (calorie deficit). That Energy consumption in idle state is her name basal metabolic rate, which is all the calories your body needs to function properly. In general, this is 2/3 of your daily calorie consumption.

The factors that come into play

If you are looking How many calories do you burn a day without doing anythingNote that calorie consumption varies from person to person and depends on several factors:

  • sex : Men burn more calories than women because, physiologically speaking, they need more calories due to their greater muscle mass.
  • age : Calorie consumption increases during growth to stabilize between the ages of 20 and 40, after which it decreases. On this topic, do not hesitate to consult our article to increase metabolism after 50 years.
  • hormones : Hormone levels affect calorie expenditure. For example, thyroid hormones can change metabolic rate by plus or minus 10%.
  • activity level : Calorie consumption is mainly caused by physical and mental activities. Movements and reflections force your body to draw on its resources and reserves.

Calculate basal metabolic rate and calorie consumption

What is metabolism?

The term metabolism comes directly from the Greek «Metabolism», meaning change or transformation. It is therefore all the reactions that occur in the cells of our body, including two main reactions:

  • catabolism : Destructive process that generates energy through the nutrients ingested and the breakdown of large and complex molecules into small and simple molecules (use and storage).
  • anabolism : building process that synthesizes the elements necessary for the functioning of our cells (depletion of reserves).

The metabolism is mainly influenced by the basal metabolic rate (basic metabolism), physical or mental activity and digestion. But additional factors such as heat or cold, smoking and caffeine can also influence the metabolism.

The formula for calculating the basal metabolic rate

the basal metabolic rate (MDB) thus corresponds to the minimum activity that your body needs to survive. This is the amount of energy you expend to maintain your temperature at rest, when you are awake, when you are fasting, and when you are at normal temperature vital functions : Organ function, regulation of body temperature, cell renewal, muscle activity, etc. Knowledge How many calories do you burn a day without doing anything, you need to calculate this famous basal metabolic rate. To do this, use the following formula:

Your weight in kg x 10 + your height in cm x 6.25 – your age in years x 5 = your basal metabolic rate in kcal per day.

Intellectual activity and digestion

Did you know that our daily gestures and the act of thinking, speaking and moving are energy-consuming actions, which are added to the basal metabolic rate? In fact, these simple activities represent approximately 15 to 30% of expenses entirety of your body. That digestion and the thermogenesis also correspond to the process of energy consumption that allows the heat product to be digested: this is the Postprandial thermogenesis. Simple digestion accounts for about 10% of daily consumption (i.e. some foods require more energy than others to absorb and digest them). That thermogenesis allows the body to produce heat through increased metabolism, a process that occurs during digestion but also to maintain body temperature. When you have to fight cold and heat, your metabolism can increase up to 5 times its value!

Increase calorie consumption

How many calories do you burn per day without doing anything? ? Now you know how to count. Perhaps you would also like to know how you can easily increase your calorie consumption? You can increase the calories burned by exercising a so-called “invisible” physical activity, that is, change a few simple habits in your everyday life: take the stairs instead of the elevator, get around by bike or on foot, and add active breaks to your workday by getting out of your office chair and moving around regularly . Of course, it is also advisable to regularly practice a sport that you enjoy doing in order to stay healthy.

How many calories do you burn per day without doing anything? Example of calorie consumption per day

How many calories do you burn per day without doing anything? ? Here is an example of a typical day when you are active without exercising and going about your daily business:

  • 7 hours of sleep = 382 calories.
  • 15 minute shower = 62 calories.
  • Brushing your teeth = 4 calories.
  • Drying hair = 39 calories.
  • 30 minutes driving = 60 calories.
  • Walk 30 minutes = 149 calories.
  • 3 minutes of climbing stairs = 15 calories.
  • Spend an hour behind a computer screen = 102 calories.
  • Cooking a meal = 93 calories.
  • 30 minutes of TV = 28 calories.
  • Playing with your kids for 30 minutes: 186 calories.
  • Give them a bath: 30 calories.
  • Pushing a shopping cart: 130 calories.
  • Ironing laundry for 30 minutes: 66 calories.
  • Mow the lawn in 30 minutes up to 205 calories!

Burn calories while sitting: is that possible?

A 150-pound person would burn about 102 calories for every hour they sat at their desk. So if you’re an employee and you’re behind your screen from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you’re burning 714 calories a day without doing anything. Not to mention your lunch break where you get up! This number is an average that depends on your metabolism, but your body doesn’t sit idle while you exercise. To increase this effort and burn more caloriesuse the right gestures and do some small exercises: getting up regularly to stimulate circulation (fetching water, going to the bathroom, taking a break or straightening your legs), making movements with your legs, scissors to keep them straight, or reversing stepping movements to stimulate your muscles.

Burning calories without doing anything: a matter of timing

You will have understood: the calories are also excreted naturally. Your body constantly uses energy to maintain your vital functions, even when you are inactive. You should know that tooorganism at rest burn more calories at two specific times of the day: late afternoon and early evening. As a result, you “naturally” lose more weight in the evening biological rhythm. At night, the body uses the fewest calories because our body temperature drops, while at the end of the day it uses up to 10% more. In addition, it is important Sleeping and eating at irregular times so that your body can prepare and use this energy for its activities.

How many calories do we burn per day without doing anything: bottom line

the metabolic rate A man’s is about 1,700 calories per day versus about 1,400 calories for a woman: this is what your body uses at rest. To know exactly How many calories do you burn a day without doing anything, you should use the formula in this article to more accurately estimate your basal metabolic rate based on your body. Once you have this data, you can easily adjust your calorie consumption lose weight From where muscle building !

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