A difficult approach training? Do you have intense sessions to do? You want to give everything to correct your weaknesses, gain strength and build more muscles? To optimize the effectiveness of your bodybuilding sessions, consuming pre-workout is a solution of choice.

You can buy them ready or do it yourself. What is that ? What’s the point? What are the best ingredients for making a Pre-workout booster to take at home ? Today explains Dr. Muscu everything you need to know about homemade pre-workouts with a selection of easy recipes to make at home.

The pre-workout, what is it??

Before we get to the heart of the matter, which is pre-workout at home, let’s quickly recall what pre-workout is.

The pre-workout booster or the pre-workout booster is a dietary supplement or a product, most often a drink, that we consume before our sports session.

The interest in consuming this type of product is diverse:

  • concentration : It’s impossible to complete a bodybuilding session worthy of the name unless you’re focused. Talking to other practitioners, constantly checking your phone, or spending time in front of the mirror are all things that ruin a bodybuilding session. The pre-workout helps to focus as effectively as possible;
  • energy : Do you know that feeling when you go to the gym with sluggish legs without a single ounce of energy? The at-home pre-workouts are useful to get you back on track so you can approach your exercises with maximum energy.
  • Performance : Stagnation is always lurking in bodybuilding. To combat this scourge, pre-workouts push your body beyond its limits.

As a bonus, boosters can also promote muscle congestion. It is ideal for recognizing the muscular work done.

An interest in doing your own pre-workout

Now you might be wondering, «Why make a homemade pre-workout when there are ready-made ones on the market?» »

It’s very easy.

First of all, we need to know that we are all different. Building muscle and increasing performance are not easy and depend on many factors. Our body reacts differently to certain molecules and active substances. Therefore, we will not give the same answer to industrial pre-workout boosters. For a bodybuilder the supplement will be super effective and for others it will have no effect.

craft their own pre-workout booster will give you the advantage of measuring everything according to your goals and your sensitivity. This allows you to add more ingredients that improve blood oxygenation if you prefer, or a greater proportion of energy-boosting ingredients. All this, from home, like a small pharmacy.

The other advantage is from an economic point of view. In fact, bodybuilding manufacturers offer the same formula for everyone, it’s not a personalized composition. And as we’ve argued, molecules can be ineffective on you. That’s why you’re paying for a pre-workout booster supplement for little or nothing for what it has to offer.

In summary, the home before training are helpful in providing you with a no-frills personalized plan that also saves you money.

The best time to take your pre-workout home

The homemade pre-workout booster is ideal to have a tailor-made composition that suits our needs as much as possible. In these circumstances, it may make sense to prepare multiple formulas depending on your goals and the weight training sessions you will be doing.

Once your goals are properly defined and your bodybuilding program is planned, you’re ready to cook up your homemade preworkout.

Namely that you can do a pre-workout at home:

  • Packed with energy-boosting ingredients on days when you’re going to be doing very intense or long strength training sessions;
  • Concentrated in ingredients that increase nitric oxide production. This has the effect of promoting oxygenation of the muscles. This will give you better overload and better targeting of your weak points in order to correct them.
  • When you know you’re going to have a tiring weight training session that requires you to recover faster, typically a session that targets the legs for example.

From this point on, the best time for a homemade pre-workout is between 15 and 20 minutes before your workout. This is the best time to give your body time to enjoy the benefits of your 100% natural, homemade pre-workout.

The ingredients to choose for your homemade pre-workout

Before the start of homemade pre workout recipeyou have to choose the ingredients that are most useful to boost your energy levels and more.

Increase your nitric oxide

Nitric oxide (NO), also known as nitric oxide, is a gas that promotes vasodilation, the widening of blood vessels. So your muscles are much better cared for. In other words, there will be muscle congestion.

There are several natural ingredients that you can incorporate into your home pre-workout to increase nitric oxide secretion.

Increase recovery and performance

Are you planning intense sports sessions where you hope to improve your performance while getting a good rest? So aim for ingredients that promote both of these aspects to create your homemade pre-workout.

Increase muscle building

Planning on making your homemade pre-workout recipe that’s a little more focused on muscle building? If so, incorporate these ingredients to achieve your goals.

Homemade pre-workout recipe, 100% natural

Homemade pre-workout recipe, 100% natural

We’ll start by sharing a natural recipe using ingredients we eat to make your pre-workout booster.To prepare the recipe, you will need a blender or blender at will. It’s important not to use a juicer to keep the fibers.

preparation time 5 Minimum

type of dish beverages

Eat French

  • 2 bananas
  • 1/2 turnip
  • 1 grenade
  • 50 key plant-based milk
  • 1 vs soup 100% cocoa powder
  • Peel the fruit

  • Put them in the blender

  • Add plant milk

  • Mix everything. In order to preserve as many of the vitamins and minerals contained in the natural ingredients as possible, we advise you not to abuse the mixing time. This could affect the nutritional properties of your homemade pre-workout.

  • Serve in a tall glass

  • Consume immediately or drink fresh after 20 minutes in the refrigerator

Print recipe

Homemade pre-workout: the recipe based on dietary supplements

You don’t have a big budget or you prefer to make a homemade recipe with bodybuilding supplements. The solutions are numerous and again depend on your goals.

For an “endurance” session:

  • 200 mg of caffeine or 3 g of guarana;
  • 4 g taurine;
  • 5g BCAAs;
  • 4 g beta-alanine;
  • 1 banana.

For a «jam» session:

  • 1 turnip;
  • 1 banana;
  • 3 g citrulline;
  • 5g BCAAs;
  • 50 cl water or plant milk.

While testing the recipes, you can adapt them to your needs and add/remove this or that ingredient.

Important : These are homemade recipes. There are molecules in these ingredients that may not be suitable for everyone, such as caffeine or arginine. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from a healthcare professional (preferably your doctor or pharmacist) if you have any doubts about dosing related to your medical surveillance. Also, avoid mixing too many ingredients at once. Some interactions may take place without you wanting them to. Take your time, educate yourself and you will have the best homemade pre-workout recipe.

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