If you practice this Brazilian Jiu JitsuTHE judo or the boxing (or any other gripping sport) or any sport where the joints of the fingers (hands and/or feet) can be damaged, such as volleyball, handball and rock climbing, your hands have certainly suffered from impacts, inversions, dislocations, etc…

As a preventive measure or as a support for a weakened joint, the band is often the solution. Unfortunately, strapping is not everything and does not prevent the gradual deterioration of joints over time, which – over time – will lead to recurring problems such as osteoarthritis.

The causes of arthrosis remain a mystery. It is currently assumed that the joint is progressively degraded.

It is a disease of all joint tissue: the cartilage breaks, crumbles and eventually disappears, the bony parts of the joint deform, and the synovial membrane (inner layer of the joint capsule) thickens and attacks the cartilage. This thus constitutes a vicious circle that amplifies and perpetuates the phenomenon.

Glucosamine to treat joint problems?

There glucosamine is a substance naturally produced by the body. However, it is also offered in synthetic form as a dietary supplement to protect the joints and to combat certain dysfunctions related to its deficiency.
There glucosamine chondroitin is used as a curative, but also as a preventive measure. As a remedy, it is used to treat certain abnormalities on sensitive parts of the human body. Glucosamine plays a key role in bone cartilage. First, it supports the integrity of cartilage and joints by promoting better anointing of bone tissue with good synovial substance viscosity.

As a preventive measure, glucosamine is used to strengthen joints and reduce the effects of joint pain that can occur during overly tiring exercise.

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