Fitness Together Routines Exercises Nutrition. After joining Fitness Together, Carol and Dave Wehrman have seen impressive results. At age 60, they wanted accountability and more information on proper exercise routines. Not only are they stronger and more flexible, but their balance and sleep have improved as well. They say that they feel much better about their health and their overall well-being. And they also want to keep their bodies healthy for many years to come. The results are not only noticeable but permanent.

Fitness Together is a private, one-on-one personal training studio

In addition to the gym, Fitness Together offers a personal training studio that is exclusive to members of that company. Clients receive customized workout plans created by a certified trainer who becomes a personal coach, colleague, and motivator. In addition to analyzing the client’s fitness goals and preferences, the fitness trainers also hold the clients accountable to their workout schedules. Unlike other fitness studios, Fitness Together does not have multiple trainers at any given time.

Owners of Fitness Together must have the financial capability and management skills to run the business. Additionally, the model requires basic business sense. The main difference between Fitness Together and a regular gym is the model. Instead of dealing with cash, clients set appointments with the trainers. Then, they sell packages to people. Fitness Together’s model is straightforward. This is because fitness is about helping people achieve a greater quality of life. Fitness Together Routines Exercises Nutrition

Fitness Together Routines Exercises Nutrition, It offers a nutrition program

The I.S.S.A. Nutrition Certification program teaches the fundamentals of nutrition and its application to client success. This course also includes instruction in the evaluation of clients and designing individualized nutrition strategies. Whether you’re interested in nutrition for a physical activity program or an exercise regimen, this online program provides you with the tools to maximize your results. The program is geared toward individuals who want to improve their lives through better health and physical fitness. Fitness Together Routines Exercises Nutrition

It has a focus on the client-trainer relationship

Founded by Physical Therapist Greg Sterner, Fitness Together Training specializes in one-on-one workouts with a personal trainer. The studio’s private training suites offer individualized attention and sensitivity for special circumstances. Tristan, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, began weight lifting at age fourteen and has continued to practice fitness since. He also competed in NPC physique competitions, placing 2nd in his class. Fitness Together Routines Exercises Nutrition

It offers a 10% discount on personal training packages

Whether you’re looking to get in shape, lose weight, or improve your overall health, personal training can be a great way to achieve your goals. However, it can also be expensive, and the cost of personalized training varies by studio and the number of sessions you want. With over 140 studios across the country, you have plenty of options to meet your budget and your fitness needs. Fitness Together offers a 10% discount on personal training packages, so you can still enjoy the benefits of a specialized training program without breaking the bank.

Interested in opening your own gym? Fitness Together offers a franchise opportunity with ongoing support, mentoring, and weekly training webinars. A Fitness Together franchisee can expect to receive extensive support and training as they establish their fitness centers and begin to build a profitable business. There are also a variety of benefits that come with owning your own gym, including a 10% discount on personal training packages. If you’re interested in opening a Fitness Together franchise, contact a franchise representative today to learn more.

Fitness Together Routines Exercises Nutrition

Fitness Together Routines Exercises Nutrition

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