Boiled, stirred, poached, fried, hard-boiled or in omelettes or cakes: eggs have become an integral part of our diet. However, they do not have a good reputation and suffer from many misconceptions that turn out to be false: No, eggs are not greasy and do not raise cholesterol. Unless contraindicated by your doctor, it is possible for people of all ages eat eggs every day. Let’s decode together the reality behind eating eggs and all our advice to enjoy the benefits of this protein source!

Two myths about eggs

Egg raises cholesterol levels

eat eggs every day would increase our cholesterol: This is completely wrong, but this traditional idea is passed on from generation to generation. One egg contains 200 mg of cholesterol. However, according to official recommendations, an adult should consume 1,000 mg of cholesterol per day. A consumption of 2 eggs a day is therefore not considered a risk factor for human health. You should also know that the power supply has only one little effect on cholesterol levels in the blood: The human body is less dependent on the intake of cholesterol from food, since the liver is able to produce cholesterol independently, especially for the synthesis of sex hormones and bile salts (cell membrane).

The yolk is too greasy

Many people choose to do this eat eggs every day, but remove the yolk and eat only the egg white. Contrary to what many athletes think, the egg yolk is not high in fat: it is even low in saturated fat, as lipids make up only 12% of the product. However, according to nutritionists, a food is considered fatty if it contains more than 15% lipids, e.g. B. avocado or cheese. Eat eggs every day therefore harmless to health as part of a balanced diet.

Yes, we can eat eggs every day

It’s entirely possible eat eggs every day even if it is not compulsory for a long time. The egg is a source of high quality protein, as is whey protein, proteins that contribute to this cell renewal. You can vary the menus and consume eggs in different ways to get many nutrient essential for the body. For the main meal we rely on one Serving of 2 or 3 eggs. For a breakfast we tend to consume 1 to 2 eggs. Don’t forget that you can also find it in many desserts and cakes!

The egg: a daily ally for health

Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9

Since eggs contain 12% fat, they are rich in Omega 6 and 9. These are essential fatty acids that our body does not synthesize itself and that play an important role in our immune system, brain development or our reproductive system. However, it is consumed in moderation to avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease. Regarding the Omega 9, on the contrary, they reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. For eat eggs every daythose from are preferred chickens fed with flaxseed (Label Blue White Heart in France), source of omega-3. These nutrients are important for our brain, bones and muscles, but also for our immune system.

Source of high quality protein

Did you know that there is as much protein (approx. 15 g) in 2 eggs as in a small hamburger? With its excellent proteins nutritional valuethe egg is a perfect food to support the growth and development of children. eat eggs every day allows maintaining a good protein and muscle capital of the body. Therefore, at any age, we consume eggs to stay in shape and maintain our muscles. It is also an ideal food to prevent malnutrition associated with anorexia.

Rich in trace elements and vitamins

The egg is rich in Minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It is a very good source of trace elements and minerals such as zinc, iron, iodine, magnesium, selenium and phosphorus. With just 2 eggs, half of what you need is in there vitamin k and Vitamin D covered while you cover 100% of your needs Vitamin B12. With these 2 eggs you also cover almost 20% of your vitamin A, E, B2, B5, B8 and B9 requirements. In short, the egg is a real multivitamin in itself!

Selection of good quality eggs: egg marking

Eat eggs every day, good or bad

Of course if you count eat eggs every day, you need to be careful about which ones you choose to make sure they are of good quality, with chickens that are raised in good conditions and fed well. You can get all this information by deciphering the number written on the egg’s shell, as it allows you to recognize the Method of raising laying hens :

  • 0: The egg is organically farmed, with chickens raised outdoors and fed at least 95% organic food.
  • 1: Free range, with hens laying their eggs in benches or on the ground, but the type of feed is not specified (it may or may not be organic).
  • 2: Eggs laid on the ground by free-range hens but remain indoors.
  • 3: Eggs laid by hens raised in cages without any form of freedom.

You will have understood: we therefore prefer eggs with code 0 or 1 to benefit from it high quality nutrientsbut also to support animal and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Are all cooking methods the same?

No, not all dishes are nutritionally equal. If you want to get all the benefits of eggs and benefit from a good protein intake, the egg white needs to be well cooked and the yolk raw (or barely cooked). The more heat you apply to the egg, the more it breaks down and denatures the proteins. Fried eggs and soft-boiled eggs are therefore the best options for eat eggs every day ! Conversely, hard-boiled eggs are the least interesting from a nutritional point of view, since the yolk is cooked: you therefore lose protein intake.

Eat eggs every day: conclusion

Therefore, if you have no contraindications, you can do this perfectly eat eggs every day ! And so that you don’t get bored, vary the recipes every day: in an omelette with vegetables, in a protein pancake, cooked with bacon balls or hard-boiled in a salad, the eggs are endless! So say goodbye to received ideas and eat eggs every day whenever you want. Not only is there no health risk, but you will also be packed with proteins and nutrients that are perfectly assimilated by the body.

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