The aperitif, as the name suggests, is that convivial moment intended to whet the appetite of guests before the starter or main course. However, for those who want to avoid gaining weight, this is a dangerous obstacle, because although the appetizer should be quite light, it is usually very high in calories. Still, there are ways to limit the breakage and eat something healthy and low in calories so as not to overload the calorie intake.

What should be avoided as an aperitif?

Appetizer chipsMost of the dishes offered during the aperitif can be a problem for those who want to eat healthy or keep the figure.

The typical example is chips for several reasons. Chips are made from potatoes, a high-carbohydrate food with a high glycemic index. This first point already poses a problem, since such a glycemic index promotes the storage of sugar in the form of fats, which travel through the blood.

But that’s not all, because these potato slices are fried in oil. They absorb part of it and another is deposited on their surface. This fat content significantly increases the calorie intake of chips. In addition, this fat generally contains a generous helping of omega-6, which is brought on by high-temperature cookingOccurrence of harmful compounds. Finally, adding salt to chips encourages excess sodium consumption, which is a source of tension issues.

In short, eating this type of food too often creates health problems and can also lead to weight gain. It is therefore advisable to avoid all chips, as you have seen, but also aperitif cakes, cold cuts and sandwiches. Additionally, some of these foods may contain a good dose of additives that are useless or even dangerous for your body.

Beware of alcohol during the dry season

weight gain from alcoholThe most common pitfall that one encounters during the aperitif is this alcohol consumption. If it’s just a drink for an aperitif, at Christmas or for another special occasion, that’s not really a problem. However, when it becomes a habit or drinking becomes a little too frequent, it can be a problem not only for your health but also for your health promote weight gain.

In fact, alcohol is not only high in calories, but since the body considers it a poison, it mobilizes it as a priority to eliminate it, abandoning certain other tasks such as burning the fatty acids present in your fat reserves. In other words, while alcohol isn’t necessarily directly responsible for fat gain, it can indirectly promote it and affect your dryness. If you have a few drinks and then follow it up with a hearty meal or simply a greasy-sweet aperitif, you can be sure that a good chunk of the calories you take in will end up in bumps.

Bodybuilding and aperitif, what to eat as an aperitif?

Appetizer raw vegetablesAs an aperitif to eat healthy without jeopardizing the figure and all those efforts on the weight bench, keep it simple and rely on staples such as fruits and vegetables. That Raw vegetables, for example, are a smart choice as they’re packed with flavor without adding too many calories. However, they contain vitamins, minerals and fiber. The aperitif can then become a very healthy part of the meal and can even prevent you from overeating later by giving you a certain feeling of satiety. If you have trouble with raw veggies, a little sauce made with 0% cottage cheese and garlic, onions, spices or aromatic herbs will give you loads of flavor without weighing your meal down.

The summer that juicy fruits and sweet flavors like melon are also welcome. Low in calories and refreshing, they will delight your taste buds without harming your figure or your health.

That seafood are also interesting because they are particularly rich in protein and therefore low in calories and provide micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. They are healthy and tasty. So you can target them without feeling guilty.

As a drinkSilent Waters remains essential, but generally seems a bit boring. So go for sparkling water with a slice of lemon or 100% pure fruit juice. On vegetable juice can also be used as long as it is not too salty.

Finally, if you are not at home and only greasy or sweet foods are available, just try to eat one. reasonable amount waiting for the actual meal without increasing your daily calorie quota.

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