In France, bread has a very strong tradition. Virtually all French people consume it regularly, if not every day. It can be enjoyed on toast, in sandwiches, or simply as an accompaniment to a meal or with cheese. In short, it adapts to all situations. However, We often hear that bread can make you fat. While it’s easy to believe that a single food is responsible for weight gain, it’s not entirely silly to say that certain breads can actually encourage it.

The Benefits of Bread

breadBefore you know if it’s making you fat or not, it’s important to know bread as a food. First of all, it is a grain product made from flour, water, salt and yeast. Wheat flour is the most commonly used because it rises well thanks to its gluten content.

The richness of bread in flour indeed A starchy food. It contains a large amount of complex carbohydrates and therefore provides a good portion of energy. In addition, it is generally recommended for athletes who have high carbohydrate needs.

Depending on the variety you choose, bread is a fairly high-fiber food that provides a certain amount of minerals. It can therefore be part of a balanced diet provided you eat the right bread and don’t combine it too much with other starchy foods.

The amount of bread

bread and pastaAs indicated in the introduction, weight gain can rarely be attributed to a single food. Because when you gain weight, it means you are consuming more calories than your body is burning. However, this problem comes from your diet in general, not necessarily one food more than another.

Of course, if you eat two baguettes a day, there’s a good chance you’ll find the solution to your problem by reducing your consumption. It’s all about dosage and balance. Starches should be part of your diet, but you shouldn’t overdo it. In addition, it is not not recommended to multiply the carbohydrate sources during the same meal. For example, if you’re already eating a plate of pasta, you don’t need to add bread to your meal because it does double duty.

Choose the right pain

Wholemeal Bread BodybuildingBread is a food of which there are several types. The most classic is of course the white bread baguette made from refined flour. But there are also farmer’s breads, corn breads, cereal breads as well as wholemeal breads and wholemeal flour. The difference is usually in the flour used. However, this difference is important because Flour gives bread its fiber contentCarbohydrates, minerals and the glycemic index.

White wheat flour, which is used so often, is still one of the worst. In fact, a large part of the husk is stripped from the grain of wheat before it is crushed. As a result, it has a low fiber content and therefore a High glycemic index. In other words, its carbohydrates are very easy to absorb and it causes blood sugar levels to rise quickly. As a result, the body responds by storing a large portion of these nutrients as fat. In addition, white flour contains fewer minerals and is therefore less interesting.

Therefore, for everyday life, it is better to choose bread that contains more fiber and has a lower glycemic index. This is the case with Wholemeal and integral breads. Certainly their crumb is less light because they contain less gluten, but they are less likely to promote fat gain and provide fewer calories. Some people can already lose weight by replacing bread, dough, and rice with full equivalents. This reduces the amount of calories they eat each day.


Gluten Bodybuilding

Gluten is an element found in wheat. Its content in grains has steadily increased due to plant selection. However, gluten is now being singled out for its possible health effects. In fact, the human body would be ill-adapted to its digestion and assimilation. For some, this can lead to more or less significant digestive problems. It could also be responsible for other diseases in the long run.

Anyway, even if gluten doesn’t make you fat, it’s possible that it will swelling of the intestines because of the gases the bacteria produce when trying to assimilate it. This is an element to consider if you want to take care of your figure and maintain a slim waist. In fact, if you digest gluten poorly, your stomach can appear more swollen, especially at the end of the day. In this case, it is better to refrain from eating cereal products containing gluten and give preference to other sources of carbohydrates that are more suitable for you.

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