Resveratrol, what is it? What is it used for?

We’re hearing more and more about this in the fitness world, especially among regular bodybuilders, so we encourage you to take stock of this supplement.

A real fountain of youth

Resveratrol was first isolated in 1949 from the roots of grandiflorum, a Japanese plant also known as white veratrum. It is found in abundance in grapes and therefore red wine, but also in blackberries and peanuts. It is an antioxidant molecule of plant origin that contributes to the plant’s defense mechanism against the various attacks of microorganisms present in its natural environment, giving it a protective effect that gives it many beneficial effects on health as an anti-cancer. anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular and potentially antidiabetic properties.

Although much of the research has been done in rodents, the researchers suspect similar results can be expected in humans. Resveratrol shows extremely promising anti-aging properties as some studies have shown up to 70% longer lifespans in rodents consuming resveratrol compared to those not consuming it. Scientific studies have shown that rodents given resveratrol were able to run twice as far, had higher muscle tone, a lower resting heart rate and more mitochondria in their cells.

In sports, it is also credited with improving performance in terms of endurance, energy, and many other theoretical benefits that have yet to be proven by science. As an antioxidant, Resveratrol is indeed an extremely powerful dietary supplement and will therefore go a long way in supporting post-workout muscle recovery thanks to its protective properties. When you do regular and/or intense strength training, your muscles are under stress and produce free radicals that need to be eliminated in order for them to repair and recover. Thanks to its protective effect, resveratrol not only speeds up the process, but also protects the muscles for the following training sessions, which allows you to improve your performance.

Summary of Resveratrol Benefits:

  • antioxidant
  • Protective action on cells from damage caused by free radicals
  • Helps slow down the spread of cancer due to its effects on cells
  • Helps regulate blood pressure
  • Preserves the cardiovascular system by improving the elasticity of blood vessels
  • Normalizes the anti-inflammatory response
  • Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease due to its action on cells.

Resveratrol is used at any time from 1 to 3 times a day, you can use it as a preventive regimen or while preparing for fitness competitions, because despite its high price you have understood, its benefits and efficiency justify its high price.

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