the memory

If a muscle is unruly, it is possible to perform a recall. The memory is not a session. The recall is an exercise for the weakening muscle group which you will do at the end of another group’s session (usually on an easier training day like shoulders).

You will only do 4 sets with perfect execution.

Let’s stick with the quadriceps example.

At least 72 hours after your hamstring sessionFor example, at the end of another muscle group’s session, you can do a set of 4×10 leg extensions or squats.

The shock series

In the same way as the reminder it is possible to make a shock series of 100 repetitions. This famous series that we talk about like a myth of bodybuilding.

The principle here is to do a series of 100 reps with an appropriate weight (i.e. lighter) to shock the muscle. The overload is usually huge and it’s a pretty cool series that won’t bother you.

Eccentric phase and time under tension

In this technique we deal 2 essential keys to developing strength and hypertrophy.

the eccentric work with a slow descent of the pole and a 3-5 seconds turn on time is an extremely effective technique to achieve muscle gains. In addition to central nervous system stimulation, significant intramuscular tension (effort required to lift a load during the concentric phase and effort required to hold it in the eccentric phase) allows for functional gains.

This Technique is extremely fatiguing and results in a faster rate of protein breakdown. Your body will try to adapt.

In this

Example for bench press: Hold the load for 3 to 5 seconds during the descent phase, then perform the ascent (concentrically) very quickly. Do 3 to 5 repetitions.

There are of course several solutions to catching up on a lagging muscle group, you can also consult our article on that different training techniques it may give you some ideas.

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