Besides running, one of my passions: fitness.

I work out in the gym 4 to 6 times a week and pushing my limits is a mandatory step in progress.

What is a pre-workout supplement?

It is a concentrate of high-dose ingredients, the combination of which allows you to optimize your training.

Whether it’s increasing fatigue resistance, gaining strength and endurance, optimizing nutrient uptake by muscles, and giving those little bonuses that keep you energized.

My experience with Premium ELEVATE fitnesstogether .

Concerned and determined to maintain optimal nutrition, raise turns out to be the best booster. Other formulas, some well-known, only give an impression of well-being… the combination of stimulants alone does not advance the athlete, raise is made with ingredients designed for performance enhancement and progression, not just a boost just before hitting the gym.

raise is the most effective and powerful pre-workout supplement in the line.

We can very quickly appreciate the great boost effects with the combination of caffeine and taurine, an increase in strength, a stimulation of blood circulation with nitric acid production boosters that produce phenomenal congestion, all in transparency, certified anti-doping with almost 100 kcal per portion !

fitnesstogether even commits to compensating athletes who find it not effective enough!

I can’t wait to try it INCREASE Zero, with 11 even more dosed ingredients! Better performance without sugar… The best booster in Europe.


Sport is life!

After a pregnancy and a few years of letting go, I decided to take charge of my life and change everything. I set myself specific goals and discovered a real passion for sports, fitness and running in particular.

Over the months I have learned to eat healthily, read labels and tailor my diet to my needs and goals. With the ultra sporty life I chose to lead I needed to incorporate supplements and with a better knowledge of my body and what it needs to reach my goals, using the Bulk Powders range was proof.

I’ve taken the initiative to highlight everything I’ve done to lose weight and share with my community the evolution of my performance, as well as the diets and recipe ideas that meet my goals and into which I incorporate products from the Bulk Powders range.

Getting to know your body, knowing what it takes to achieve your goals, and doing what you love are the keys to success.

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