the pre-fatigue principle is known to advanced bodybuilders. It consists in: a isolation exercise to tire the muscle before a compound exercise.

For example, for hamstring work, I do the leg extension before the squat.

super sets

There are 2 types of supersets:

the first principle of supersets aims to work Antagonistic Muscles (opposite muscles like biceps and triceps) and doing 2 exercises without a break. The rest period in between 2 great series is relatively full-bodied (maximum 1 minute)

Example: This gives bicep curl chained to tricep extension, then 30 to 60 seconds rest.

the second principle of supersets consists of combining 2 series of exercises of the same muscle group.

Example: For the pecs, you can chain together the bench press and a convergent pec machine.

circuit training

After making the list of exercises you want to do, thecircuit training consists of continuing the exercises without pausing to the end of the circuit. You can do your circuit multiple times.

The goal of the training circles isincrease cardiovascular capacity.

The 100 reps

That 100 rep technique has been democratized in recent years. It consists of training for the same muscle group 100 repetitions with as little downtime as possible. Obviously the load is lighter.

Usually performed on the same exercise, it is common to see as well 5 exercises with 20 repetitions on the same muscle.

It is used to exceed caps during periods of stagnation. Jam secured.

The single exercise

This training technique can be useful for hitting certain milestones and building muscle mass. It consists in choosing a basic exercise (polyarticular exercise) by repeating it over many sets, making sure to increase the load over time.

The forced contraction

Technique used by advanced athletes who forced contraction consists of a strong contraction of the muscle at the end of the contraction.

Example for a bicep curlvoluntarily increase the contraction at the top of the movement by holding the position for 2 seconds.

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