It’s very common to feel Pains after a training session: these are Muscle cramp which generally occur on the days following intense physical exertion. A lot of people think that Body aches make you lose weight, or at least that they may have an impact on overall weight loss. But what about it? Does body aches make you slim or fat? ? Are they really synonymous with effective muscle work? In this article, let’s unravel the truth behind these received ideas together athletic body pain !

Let’s start by looking at the causes behind body aches together. When you exercise, you put a lot of strain on your muscles. If you engage in an intense, new, or inappropriate activity, you increase the risk of Tiny muscle damagewhich then turn into Pains. These can then last for days! Lack of nutrition, excessive intensity, poor execution of exercises, suddenly new exercises: these are factors that Risk of body aches. Fortunately, this pain is benign and poses no threat to general health (unless you have pain outside the muscle, which can cause a cruciate ligament tear or other injury). As your pain persists, your muscles will simply have trouble contracting. The pain will naturally subside after a few days.

Does body pain lead to weight loss?

Now it can be seen in many internet articles Body aches make you lose weight if they would have a positive effect on the athlete’s weight: that’s what we would call it the afterburn effect. This process would also induce calorie consumption after an exercise session. The truth is that this effect exists, but it has nothing to do with body aches! The answer to your question is quite simple: No, Pain doesn’t make you lose weight. The presence or absence of pain after your exercise session does not affect your weight loss. It also doesn’t mean that your workout was more effective than the others. In absolute terms, body aches have a rather counterproductive effect on you slimming goal as they can prevent you from training for several days due to pain and lack of mobility.

Pain in the limbs: a guarantee for the effectiveness of a sports unit?

As mentioned above, Pain does not equate to efficiency. At the risk of disappointing you, these muscle micro-lesions simply happen when your muscle isn’t used to being trained in this way or at this intensity, or when your body is poorly hydrated. However, they are not a guarantee of effectiveness. If you have trouble climbing stairs after a workout, it’s not because of that Body aches make you lose weight, but because you worked your thighs differently. Don’t hesitate to establish a routine and adopt good habits to avoid pain, such as: B. Hydration or a good warm-up. It does not affect your performance or weight loss. Regular exercise can reduce their frequency, as well as a gain flexibility. The absence of pain is a sign of a good workout, that your body has had time to properly heal and recover.

Why should we avoid burdening ourselves with body pain?

Avoid swaying with body aches

Pain occurs in most athletes between 24 and 48 hours after a training session, but in extreme cases it can last up to 5 days later. They can result from any physical activity, not just strength training. you absolutely can have Body pain after cardio ! That’s wrong Body aches make you lose weightbut also don’t make you fat. However, we must avoid weighing ourselves when they are present, since one of their side effects is inflammation and swelling of the tissues. This inflammation is characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the muscle cells, which can lead to bright weight gain. However, the latter is temporary as your weight will naturally return to normal once the pain goes away. If you’re a Libra fanatic, wait about 1 week before weighing yourself after a particularly severe body aches.

Exercising with pain

Can we train with pain? ? Yes, it’s entirely possible to train while you’re still feeling a little sore, provided you perform a relatively light, moderate-intensity session. If you want to perform well, it’s better if your body has had a chance to recover. Remember that body pain is an indicator of a new muscle stimulation, but never effective muscle building. So there’s no point in forcing it. To lose fat or tone your body, the keys are diet and exercise. you need one positive energy balance so that your body has everything it needs to build new substances in the form of muscles. If persistent body aches are preventing you from exercising properly, go to the sauna, get regular massages, and prioritize adequate magnesium intake reduces body pain.

The afterburn effect to lose weight faster

Muscle naturally consumes energy

Once you’ve exercised you need to give your body time to recover, either find one heart rate and breathing normal. He must also reconstitute them energy stocks and repairing muscle damage (pain). If it’s wrong that the Body aches make you lose weightHowever, these mechanisms consume energy, approximately 5-20% of energy expenditure up to 72 hours after exercise. It’s called theafterburn effect. At the beginning of your sports session, your muscle takes on a anaerobic function, that is, without oxygen or nutrients. After the session, he then needs to replenish the reserves burned during the workout, which stimulates calorie burning during recovery.

intensity instead of duration

If you wish promote the afterburn effect, you need to maximize your body’s glycogen usage during your workout. To do this, you need to focus your energy expenditure at the beginning of the exercise, which is when your muscle is in anaerobic function. forget that Body aches make you lose weight, and prioritize intensity over length of your sessions. For HIIT or strength training circuits, or even interval cardio workouts, you should rely on fast, rhythmic repetitions. This will stimulate different muscle groups and therefore use more glycogen. To optimize theafterburn effectShortness of breath is often a good sign: it’s a sign that you’re having trouble getting oxygen to your muscles.

Short but intense sessions

On average, it takes 20 minutes for the muscles to become aerobic. Ideally, we therefore aim for training sessions of a maximum of 30 minutes. So you will mainly burn those glycogen storage your muscles, your body will burn extra calories over the next few days to replenish those stores. Don’t count on that Body aches make you lose weight and allow your muscles to regenerate for 2 days after a high-intensity session. To keep moving, choose a active recovery session (eg, cycling without resistance for 20 to 30 minutes or a light jog). If you have a busy schedule, this is a great optioneliminate fat with short but effective sports units!

Body aches make you lose weight: conclusion

You will have understood: It is wrong to think that Body aches make you lose weight, since it is wrong to assume that they are synonymous with efficiency. Pain is simply a sign that you’ve been doing an exercise that’s too intense or not right for your muscles. If you wish maximize your weight lossInstead, rely on the afterburn effect and nutrition: Thanks to short sports units and a balanced diet (especially a calorie deficit), you will make it lose weight faster. But don’t give in to the famous saying «no pain, no gain»: You don’t have to be in pain after a workout for it to bear fruit!

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