This is the perfect exercise for Build bicepsit provides a foundation for large biceps. Basic exercise for the arms, the movement is simple and effective. It’s probably an exercise that all strength athletes will do in their classes.

The muscles used by the straight bar biceps curl

This arm exercise permitted develop biceps brachialis, head long and short. The brachialis is also requested in this movement. thanks for that curling iron you develop muscle mass on the biceps.

realization of the movement

Stand with the barbell in your hands, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Bend your forearm and bring the bar up to your chin. Come back down slowly. think of tighten the abdominal muscles and keep it straight bust. Avoid pelvic movements that would result in a cheating movement with lesser impact on the biceps. Prioritize rigorous movement.

Variations on the straight barbell curl

A simple variation of the position of the hands allows you to work the inside or the insideoutside of your biceps. A splayed hands position solicits theinner bicepssince a position further from the hands allows to work the outer part.

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